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Oral Health Problems Could Lead to Increased Migraines

Posted on 5/25/2020 by Dr. Janice Pliszczak
Oral Health Problems Could Lead to Increased MigrainesMany things can trigger migraines, from stress to loud noise, and allergies. However, while pain killers can help bring quick relief to migraines, you need to treat the pain from its root cause. That's especially true if the pain is a result of dental problems, which is usually one of the least-suspected causes of migraines.

If you can tell when an episode of migraine is a product of dental problems, you'll be able to avoid misdiagnoses that point to other causes while you're walking around with the culprit inside your mouth. Read on to find out more about dental problems that give rise to migraines and how best to stop them before they cause any further pain or damages.

Dental Issues that Cause Migraines

You can be struck with an intense migraine if you're suffering from bad bite – a fancy word for a condition caused by missing, chipped, or misaligned teeth. Also, misaligned teeth, stress, and other factors can cause teeth grinding or clenching – another common dental problem that gives rise to migraines. Teeth grinding or clenching is usually accompanied by sore jaws, clicking sounds when the mouth is opened, and even tongue indentations. These symptoms could trigger bouts of sharp and shooting pains that emanate from the temples to behind the eyes and spread across the head.

Teeth grinding also results from sensitive teeth, chipped or broken teeth, fractured fillings, or cracked dental crown, all of which are associated with acute dental pain which often spreads across the head. Tooth pain resulting from tooth decay and gum infection can also spread to other parts of the head and even the body.
If you're grappling with any of these dental problems and intermittent bouts of migraine, you need to report your symptoms to our dentists immediately to save yourself from pain, restore your health, and forestall any future migraines that might result from dental problems.

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